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Blue Moon Glow Brightening Facial

Next stop: illumination station! A vitamin C- packed, foaming cleanse greets you — makeup, sunscreen and excess oils are seamlessly cleared away, while complexion is left brighter! Next, a fruit acid blend works its exfoliating magic, followed by a silky mask comprised of spearmint extract & skin-soothing CBD. A cooling, citrus tonic then replenishes pores with antioxidants. Dull, uneven spots are then banished by a multipurpose brightening serum, followed by a whipped up facial mousse beaming with age-defending retinol. End with an advanced peptide blend to banish unwanted crow’s feet and fine lines! Lackluster skin, who? Not you!

Banana Havana Heavenly Facial

Let’s take a trip! Your complexion deserves it. To begin, face and neck are gently cleansed with a creamy coconut milk and green tea extract cleanser, perfect for starting with a clean state. With an Arizona red clay and fine grain pumice exfoliation, skin will be smooth as silk after this micro-derm like polish. A creamy banana and turmeric mask is painted onto face and neck, providing vitamins & nutrients for a glowy look and a tightening effect. A fresh application of a rose water and aronia berry tonic is applied to skin, providing a flawless filter effect to pores. An all-over brightening serum is applied to even skin tone and add a spark of radiance. Then a peptide-rich botanical milk hydration, loaded with time-release retinol, will leave you looking replenished and refreshed. Finish with an eye-perfecting serum to help banish those pesky crows feet! Now you’re ready to put your best face forward!