(+) Microblading

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique where pigment is implanted by using a fine blade to create feather-stroke brow hairs. After the initial procedure, you will need to return between 6-8 weeks for a touch-up to perfect color and shape. *$475
Touch-up (6-8 wks. after initial procedure) $50
Touch-up (2-6 mo. after initial procedure) $100
Touch-up (6-14 mo. after initial procedure) $200

*Because Microblading is semi-permanent, color fades slowly over time. Touch-up fees no longer apply 14 months after initial procedure and a new $475 fee will be charged.

(+) Powder Brows

This machine technique creates a soft, powder brow effect. This is ideal for clients who desire a more filled-in look and is also great for clients with oily skin! *$475

(+) Combo Brows

This technique combines both microblading AND powder brows. Hair strokes are manually added to give brows a more realistic effect followed by machine shading to give more saturation of color. *$550

(+) Permanent Makeup

Eyeliner (bottom or top only) $250
Eyeliner (bottom + top) $350
Eyeliner Touch Up (6-8 wks after initial appt.) $50
Eyeliner Touch Up (8+ wks after initial appt.) $150

*All touch-ups must be done within 1yr of initial appt. after 1yr, full price will be applied.

Stardust Eyeliner $450
This technique creates a soft, powdery eye shadow effect with a smudgy looking eyeliner.
Stardust Touch-Up (up to 12 months) $150
Stardust Color Boost (after 12 months) $200
Petite Lash Enhancement $200
This permanent eyeliner technique is done on the top lids only. A very fine, thin line is tattooed in the lash line. This look is not intended to look like eyeliner, but to enhance your lash line, making lashes look thicker and darker.