Mindfulness Matters

Do you ever leave a conversation and think…I have no idea what was just said? Do you ever feel like your on autopilot-aka getting to the destination, but not remembering the drive? Remember this saying “Just This”.

Mindfulness is such a cool quality because it’s something we all already have to ability to do, it’s just something that many of us don’t have an awareness of or don’t know how to access.

Being mindful is simply the ability to be fully present, to be aware of where we are and what we are doing.

When we practice mindfulness it allows us to become aware of our thoughts, our actions, and our words without judgement, but rather an awareness. Remember “Just This” It allows us to be able to acknowledge these thoughts and choose how we are going to respond. The goal is not to quiet the mind, the goal is to have an awareness when the mind wants to wander (in conversation, a meeting, etc- we often are focused on the grocery list, the laundry that’s piled up at home, wondering if you scheduled the dogs grooming appointment and so on) and once we can recognize that our mind has wandered it’s the practice of bringing the focus back on the present moment again and again.

Okay that’s really cool, but now what?

Tips for implementing mindfulness into your daily life

  1. Find a comfortable seat- when beginning it helps to find somewhere that is quiet and calming for you away from distractions (this can be done in your office chair, your car before walking into work, sitting on the bed in the morning etc)
  2. Set a time goal- I recommend starting with 5-7 minutes. Don’t attach any set outcomes or expectations, just BE
  3. Close the eyes- notice the body and the breath-follow the sensation of the breath as you inhale and exhale
  4. Notice the wandering mind- and don’t be hard on yourself, it’s going to wander. Bring your focus back to the breath and the present moment.
  5. Pause before moving- take a moment to pause before physical movement

The simple act of mindfulness can be practiced throughout the day- before you enter a meeting, before picking up the kiddos- while you’re standing in line at the grocery store: practice pausing- taking a breath and returning the focus to the present moment so you can focus your attention solely on the now. “Just This”