Postures, Pimples, and Peace

As we enter the season of back to school this can often mean back to more of a “routine” and also more chaos. More scheduled activities, meetings, and a rush of emotions for parents and kids. We’ve put together some tips for helping with the transition from summer to school year to help you boost your kids confidence and help deal with the back to school jitters.

Yoga poses to help ease anxiety and stress- below find a few of our favorite poses you can practice when you’re feeling stressed or anxious.

*we recommend practicing these daily for optimum benefits*

Some other unwelcome effects of change (stress) can be those pesky pimples! Changes in our routine and with the upcoming changes of the season you may notice some unwanted hitchhikers on your face. Here are some common triggers and some of our favorite tips to help combat them:

Last, but absolutely not least, it is important we find peace during the moments of chaos. We get so wrapped up in the busyness we forget to care for ourselves. Here are some easy, quick tips that you can practice daily to help find peace in your day.