Massage Therapy

(+) 60 Minute Full Body Swedish Massage

Therapeutic full body massage using aromatherapy and fluid motions to help relieve stress and tension in the body. $55

(+) 60 Minute Hot Stone Massage

Smooth, polished stones are heated and placed strategically on areas carrying stress. The stones are then used as an extension of the therapist’s hands to penetrate deep into the muscles for maximum muscle relaxation. $60

(+) 60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage

Created to address and relieve a myriad of problems, this massage helps relieve muscle spasms, aches, lack of mobility, headaches and muscle tightness. This type of massage therapy delves deeply to reach muscle, fascia and connective tissue. Deep tissue may help improve posture, ease movement and release chronic tension. $60

(+) 60 Minute Therapeutic Massage

An intense combination of therapeutic stretching and targeted deep tissue work. $70

(+) 30 Minute Tension Relief Massage

The main focus of this massage is on the upper body – back, shoulders, neck, chest, head and arms. $30

(+) 30 Minute Prenatal Massage

Must be past the first trimester.

Designed for the mother-to-be in her SECOND and THIRD trimesters, this gentle massage focuses on the discomforts of pregnancy. Relax yourself and baby! $30

(+) 20 Minute Foot or Hand Massage

A relaxing massage that focuses on the hands or feet working with pressure points and therapeutic aromatherapy. $20

(+) Chair Massage

We offer on location chair massages for corporate events. Call 785-639-1873 for more information and to schedule. $1/Min

(+) Package of 3 Massages

Swedish Pkg of 3 $150
Deep Tissue Pkg of 3 $165
Therapeutic Pkg of 3 $165

(+) Massage Add-Ons

Add 15 minutes to any massage $15
Add 30 minutes to any massage $30
Add Chinese Cupping to any massage $10
Cupping is an ancient form of inverse massage – rather than applying pressure to muscles, it uses gentle pressure to pull them upward.