Wine Poached Pear Stress Reduction

Delight in this rejuvenating treatment that includes fruit, brandy, and wine! Feel your worries drift with a refreshing Citrus Cilantro Antioxidant Oil Soak that awakens and refreshes your senses with the scent of fresh snipped cilantro. Next, a sea salt and pear-infused brandy body polish takes skin from gloomy to glorious, leaving you awash in ripe pear notes and glistening softness. A potent antioxidant Wine Down Serum loaded with resveratrol from winery grapes is painted over you, rich with restorative fruit and vegetable compounds that help skin reverse free radical damage. Finally, you’ll rediscover your enchantment for life with a Maypop Steeped Milk application, with all natural passion fruit notes for an uplifting finish.

Pumpkin Marshmallow Souffle

The forecast is sunny with a chance of glisten in the air! This uplifting treatment is a guaranteed good day! The invigorating mint julep and lavender soak sets your senses to joyous. A Citrus Grass Salt Scrub made with organic alfalfa powder will expel dry skin while leaving a soft, glisten finish. Are you ready to frolic through a field of sunshine and lavender flowers? Because that’s exactly how you’ll feel after a charming Buttermilk Lavender steeped milk lotion fills your senses. Crafted with buttermilk, organic coconut milk and steeped organic lavender flowers, this rubdown breathes new life into your skin and makes every day feel like spring is awakening in the air!

Under the Desert Moon

A specially crafted blend of barley, sandalwood and amurense bark come together in a luxe soak to begin this treatment oasis. Next , an intoxicating whiskey rub down with brown sugar and ric e bran oil quenches dry skin, followed by a firming and toning cactus gel that wraps legs and feet in nourishment as it gently warms on the skin. The journey continues with a light-as-air Moon Dip Body Mousse massage. The advanced peptides hydrate and visibly firm the look of skin, while the soft scent that lingers is truly out of this world. A treatment as relaxing as the desert moon-filled night is long!

Get Up & Glow Antioxidant Firming Facial

Finally, the brilliant, beaming skin you’ve been waiting for! Enjoy a hydrating Green Tea Milk Wash and rejuvenating Vitamin Berry Tonic! After being cleansed and replenished, scrub down with an energizing caramel coffee sugar exfoliation – infused with caffeine and Arabica bean extract to jump start circulation, scrub away scaly skin, and leave you with a seriously smooth complexion. Next, a rich dark chocolate and CoQ10 enzyme mask leaves you with a smooth, hydrated complexion, which is followed by a second dose of replenishment with our aronia fruit and rose water tonic. Enjoy a thorough soak in Wine Down, a super antioxidant recovery serum loaded with resveratrol from Texas winery grapes and a smorgasbord of unripened fruits and vegetables that plump and feed your skin. A botanical milk and clinical-peptide moisturizer is applied to your face, before your eyes are finally treated to a powerhouse deep wrinkle fighting serum that clinically earned its name – Crow Catcher.

Seasonal Spa Specials

-Seasonal Spa Mani/Pedi Package – $100
-Seasonal Spa Facial + Pedi Package – $120