Citrine N' Salt Mani/Pedi

To begin, relish in a Citrine Beach Milk Bath Soak while visions of palm trees dance in your head! You’ll think you’re dreaming, but perhaps you’ve found your own oasis. Or maybe it’s all those Bellinis talking. A succulent and citrusy rice bran oil scrub then envelops you as you succumb to its juicy sweetness. To finish, a heavenly Rainbow Road Shea Butter cream massage not only moisturizes your skin but will leave you feeling like a citrine tropical queen!

Lavender Limeade Salt & Citrus Mani/Pedi

The forecast is sunny with a chance of glisten in the air! This uplifting treatment is a guaranteed good day! The invigorating mint julep and lavender soak sets your senses to joyous. A Citrus Grass Salt Scrub made with organic alfalfa powder will expel dry skin while leaving a soft, glisten finish. Are you ready to frolic through a field of sunshine and lavender flowers? Because that’s exactly how you’ll feel after a charming Buttermilk Lavender steeped milk lotion fills your senses. Crafted with buttermilk, organic coconut milk and steeped organic lavender flowers, this rubdown breathes new life into your skin and makes every day feel like spring is awakening in the air!

Earth, Sun & Tranquil Waters Mani/Pedi

Relax and unwind with a dip into a luxurious mint-julep and lavender soak. Next, a citrusy lemongrass salt scrub exfoliates thoroughly, unveiling new skin. A calming and anti-irritant enriched, peat moss facial mask is next – ready to soothe and purify, leaving skin dewy and fresh. After layers of earthy goodness, a creamy vitamin E enriched Sunflower Honey Butter Serum is painted on – helping to repair and protect from moisture loss – and is massaged into skin with hot, smooth stones.

Mango Breeze Refresher Facial

Tickled in peach, this treatment will make you feel bright as the beach! Begin with a green tea extract cleanse before skin is lightly misted with an Aronia fruit extract and rose water tonic to provide a flawless filter effect. This magical mist helps make pores appear as if they’ve vanished! Your complexion is then treated to a mango butter and mango extract exfoliation, with poppy seeds thrown in to add an extra silky polish. Breathe easy as a coconut and palm oil wrap is nestled around your face – aiding in comfort for sunburns or irritated skin with nourishing vitamin E. Then, skin drinks in a banana and turmeric mask to visibly reduce the look of fine lines. Unwind with a brightening serum to help even skin tone, paired with an advanced peptide and retinol time-release moisturizer. Finish this delectable treatment with an under-eye firming serum.

Watercress Moisturewave Hydrating & Balancing Facial

Give complexion the gift of glow! This moisturizing affair begins with a green tea and coconut milk cleanse to clear the slate clean for a cucumber water and phytonutrient lettuce tonic. This step helps clarify and balance oils with FHF-grown red lettuce varieties that are rich with antioxidants, phytonutrients and vitamins A & K! Complexion is then buffed smooth with a minty plantfoliant™ with 5 botanicals, followed by an ultra-soothing peat mineral vegetative mask. Feel the calm as this allantoin and vegetative blend works to soothe and balance. All this hydration is locked in with an antioxidant-rich recovery serum, featuring a rich blend of super fruits and resveratrol. Finally, an eye-perfecting serum beautifies eyes by instantly minimizing the look of crow’s feet. We end with a cooling wave of hydration in the form of a hyaluronic gelée moisturizer with time-release retinol —plus FHF-grown watercress extract, blue matcha, chlorophyll, and a powerful peptide to fight free radicals and the look of wrinkles.

Fireside Chilldown Massage - $75

Heat it up, then chill it down. Warm, steamy stones will glide across tired muscles, followed by a cooling body balm with a blue matcha and CBD blend.