Yoga + Wellness Studio

(+) Pricing

Single Drop-In Class ($12)
5 Class Pass ($55)
10 Class Pass ($100)
Student 10 Class Pass ($90)
Unlimited Yoga 30-Days ($85)
*open studio included, does not include specialty classes or workshops

(+) Policies

Registration online is recommended to ensure your spot is reserved and to avoid class cancellation. Drop ins are always welcome as long as the minimum number of students pre-registered is met. Please note some of our instructors travel in from out of town so registration will close early on some classes. Please check individual class descriptions for more info.

Special Events- pre registration is required for special events. Tickets for special events are non- refundable.

(+) Guidelines

H=important especially for HOT Classes

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the class you wish to take. You will need to sign in and this allows time to discuss any injuries/health issues with your instructor prior to class if needed.

(H)Attire- For HOT classes- Wear breathable fabric. Wear what you feel good sweating in. Avoid wearing cotton if possible. Shoes are not allowed for Yoga classes, but will be necessary for others- please check class description.

(H)Stay Hydrated!! Please make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and you’ll want to continue to drink water after your practice as well. Please be sure to bring water to class with you, or water can be purchased in studio.

Bring a yoga mat, long towel(H) and water. Each student is required to have all three while practicing. Feel free to bring your own or rent/purchase from the studio.

Come to class on an empty stomach. It is best to allow a couple hours to pass after your last meal before your practice is usually needed.

(H) Please remain in studio the entire class.  Please take a break whenever you feel necessary by laying down or sitting quietly on your mat. The desire for breaks fades as you focus on your breath and become adjusted to your environment. If for any reason you feel you need to exit the room, please do so as quietly as possible

Yoga can be for every body- Always remember to honor your body and know that yoga is a life long practice.  We ask that you have open communication with your instructor and please inform them of any discomfort you may be having with any postures.

Practice makes progress. A consistent practice of 3 times a week will allow you to see progress quicker. Please know that each day may look different. Always listen to your body, take appropriate breaks, and take time to rest and recover.